Friday, November 06, 2015

Notan and quick sketch

From the "complicated" paintings of the last few weeks to the sublimely simple Notan and quickie pencil sketch.

Notan is a Japanese concept where only dark and light is represented. I like it 'cos it is strong and it shows me how my composition should look if I decide to take the rendering to the next level - using actual paint on an actual canvas. Like this oil 4x6 inches of the Belfry which was painted en plein air some time ago.

I mingled with the Alfrescoes artists who were painting en plein air in the Belfry area of Fernwood in Victoria BC. The students from the Vic High were milling about in the square during their lunch break.

Press the images in turn to see bigger pics.

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Caron said...

Love them all, Ron!