Monday, February 20, 2017

"Chestnut, the brown horse" acrylic 8x10

It's an absolute JOY when your painting turns out the way you want! Surprised? Not really, they sometimes get away from you even though you're in charge.

I love this style of painting - sort of impressionist, it's my home style even though I enjoy realism too.

I photographed this Chestnut on Island View Beach on Vancouver Island. If you recognize this mare please alert the owners, It'll be great if they can see this work too.

Press the horse for a bigger view.

Friday, February 17, 2017

"Three-barn Farm" pastel 7x10

Ah the cleanliness and whimsy of pastel... The Three-barn Farm is kinda mid-island here on Vancouver Island. I love the layers of greenery and the shades of the ploughed field as the land slowly emerges from the depths of winter. Wonderful Nature at her best for this enthusiast.

Press the image for a bigger view.

Monday, February 13, 2017

"The Beacon in the Mohave Desert" w/c crayons and pencils

Still in the Mohave Desert, this is the Beacon above Bullhead City on the famous Route 66. It was so hot all those years ago that I had to go out early in the morning, and by 8am it was too much for me so I headed back to Joy Lane, Bullhead and air conditioning.

I used the new watercolour crayons, picked out with watercolour pencils.

Friday, February 10, 2017

"Black Cat Saloon" oil 6x8

I should write an eBook about the saloon. Maybe another time. Painted in monochrome as an exercise how to get 5 values using one hue.

Twenty-odd years ago my son Tim helped Frank and Lorna Sanford build a saloon on their desert property some 75 miles from Las Vegas.

No water or electricity but Tim and the Dominguez brothers cheerfully built Lorna's saloon using four-by-eight sheets of plywood.

Of course I loved painting the desert, being careful not to disturb the rattlers under the creosote bushes sheltering from the heat. When we went walking Frank carried a shotgun.

Fortunately he didn't have a problem 'cos the critters knew how to stay out of the way.

I did oils and watercolors, many of them sold but now I have the red 6x8 study that you see above.

You can click on the images in turn to try see bigger versions.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

"Russian Girl" oil 6x8

Russian Girl in monochromatic orange-red. A profile and a pensive mood.

The brush is one of those very soft Langnickel Royal sable brushes, one can only just caress the canvas with them. Nice and romantic I think.

Press the portrait for a bigger view.