Friday, February 10, 2017

"Black Cat Saloon" oil 6x8

I should write an eBook about the saloon. Maybe another time. Painted in monochrome as an exercise how to get 5 values using one hue.

Twenty-odd years ago my son Tim helped Frank and Lorna Sanford build a saloon on their desert property some 75 miles from Las Vegas.

No water or electricity but Tim and the Dominguez brothers cheerfully built Lorna's saloon using four-by-eight sheets of plywood.

Of course I loved painting the desert, being careful not to disturb the rattlers under the creosote bushes sheltering from the heat. When we went walking Frank carried a shotgun.

Fortunately he didn't have a problem 'cos the critters knew how to stay out of the way.

I did oils and watercolors, many of them sold but now I have the red 6x8 study that you see above.

You can click on the images in turn to try see bigger versions.

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