Thursday, April 05, 2018

"Aura and Jack" Conté pencil 6 x 8

Two French bulldogs seem to sleep all day and make use of the doggie door all night, but we only get to experience them whenever we babysit Mike and Bev's babies... Aura (black) and Jack (beige) are actually quite lovable with two very different personalities. Aura barks for her frisby game and Jack chews on his plastic tooth-cleaning bone. That's about it. Oh, and they love their daily walkies!

"White Sail" watercolor 6 x 8

My donation to the ReStore campaign at Habitat for Humanity in Victoria BC. I was invited to choose some item from their store and render it. I chose an old picture frame and dropped this painting into it, setting a value of $250 should it go on sale at the store in May.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

"Kehla" venerable Zulu elder

Pronounced KESH-LA Kehla is a Zulu word of respect for an old man of stature. Wise, calm, and a leader. I used Conté pencil which is a cross between lipstick and charcoal to my mind. It is dramatic and hard to correct if one tries to move one's lines with an eraser. A nice challenge for a sketch artist - you get it right the first time or you just don't get it right!