Monday, July 12, 2021

Our Neighbourhood

 This is the center of our neighborhood.

It’s where we get our grocery (and just around the corner) our wine.

Our local shopping center serves not only the Stadacona Center with over 100 residents (where I live), but a dozen such condos in the immediate area, adding another hundred people or so each building, That’s a lot of people looking for sustenance...

After 15 years of painting outside (in Victoria en plein air every week) I saw that the scene cnr Fort & Oak Bay avenue would make a good impressionistic sketch in oil.

“Our Neighbourhood” plein air sketch by Ron Wilson BA(SA) 11” x 14” oil on canvas laid on board $600

Comment: That is a lovely painting.

Comment: Hey dad that is absolutely amazing good job I really like that. 

Comment: Excellent Ron.

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Unknown said...

Excellent, Ron.