Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Finlayson Arm from St.Stephens

"Finlayson Arm from St.Stephens"

On Friday morning July 25, 2008 our Plein Air Group visited St.Stephens just outside Victoria on Vancouver Island BC. We had a great time, everyone turned in some excellent work, I was delighted to see the quality of the other artists' work Yippeee...

For my part, I was drawn by the zig-zag of the field and the water, a wonderful device to show aerial perspective.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Havenwood from Pendray House

When I got this home today I saw that it was lacking in lights so I went ahead and added some. Now the painting has more impact for me. There were some 25 of us painting en plein air today, a nice turn-out but oh the was so strong that Jude's metal easel blew over and one of its legs broke! For the two-hour session I had to keep my canvas down with my left hand. Still, the weather cannot spoil the utter joy of painting outside.

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