Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Hightide Macauley Point - oil 6x8

An artist's secret weapon - the sketchbook. I used my b&w sketch to paint an oil version in colour:

Hightide- Macauley Point, oil 6x8 using thick juicy impasto.

Edward Seago used to sketch in b&w then paint a scene in colour later, in his studio. He didn't always do this, but this way of working is well documented. It's a refreshing way of tackling a landscape, using the colours of one's mind.

Another "secret" - this time my own. Yes I lay the paint down but it is hardly ever left alone, I bother it ruthlessly until it brushes into shape, and if I see a "happy accident" appearing only then do I leave it alone. This way I work back and forth over the entire canvas - re-stating, re-working until a section looks spontaneous (which it isn't), I am a paint botherer.

Press the images for bigger views.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

"Field of Green" oil 8x10

A trip out to the country brings soothing expanse, the world is conscious of green - food, politics, you name it. As an artist I relate to this pastoral scene and my oils covered the canvas willingly. A field of Green. Press the image for a bigger view