Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Two paintings in the sun today

"Cherry Tree - Moss Street #2" 6" x 8" oils
See this plein air study at the Morris Gallery in Victoria BC.

I popped down to Moss Street and painted this particular tree - a passing student from the nearby central school looked over my shoulder and said to his mates "why is he painting a tree?" Why not? Man makes cars, boats and 'planes but only God can make a tree. The above cherry tree oil sketch took me an hour, so at 4pm we drove to Oak Bay marina and spent another hour painting this second sketch:

"The Boulder and the Boat"

8" x 10" oils
The works are for sale, use this small white envelope below to ask me about pricing and shipping.


Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Good work here Ron...I particularly like the cherry tree...wonderful expressive brush work full of colour and movement...its a beauty!


Ron Wilson said...

Thanks Jeffrey - it is very much a case of trying to record the IMPACT of the tree instead of a faithful reproduction of what it looks like ...

Linny D. Vine said...

There is a wonderful "spring in the air" spontaneity to your cherry tree, Ron! Joyful!

Ron Wilson said...

Thank you Linny - you're kind. And to think it was done on-the-spot too, I'm pleasantly surprised to find that my reaction to this once-a-year tree expresses the wonderment I felt at that paint-out session..