Friday, October 21, 2011

"Tom" Conte pencil on Robert Bateman paper

I was supposed to be painting with the ALFS outdoors this morning but it rained cats and dogs, so I drew indoors instead.
A very patient Tom sat for me. We worked for forty minutes. Anyhow, I like this portrait not because it's good but because I see now that this jerky, rough way of drawing is unique - no one else I know draws like this. The style is mine, I have been doing it like this for thirty years or more - perhaps I'll post an earlier one some time - as a comparison.
I'm glad I have a STYLE  - it's something one cannot force, it just comes with time.

Click Tom's image to see an enlargement,  then (at the top right of the new window) click it off at the X to return here -- please drop me a line (click on "comments" below here) that'll be great!

Fortunately the pencil portrait kinda looks like Tom. Corry likes it.

When Sargent's sitters ever complained about their likenesses (it didn't often happen) he used to tease them by saying "you can always fix it when you get it home..."

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