Friday, June 28, 2013

"Red Boat" Oak Bay Marina, 3 works

Using soft pastels and black paper from a 1920s photo album I made this preparatory sketch of a red boat at Oak Bay Marina this morning (above).

 Then thanks to a recent visit to the Art Gallery of Ontario and exposure to Thomson originals, I used thick impasto in oils (above).
They say that if we work in different media then each of these can improve. The whole lot. Oils w/c, pastels, drawings. It seems to work for me...

There was time for a third painting of my Plein Air morning so I changed to pastels again and sought out this isolated blue dinghy which I had painted a few times before (below).

(Above) This one is Pastel. Each image is clickable for a bigger view, your COMMENT will be invaluable.

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