Saturday, May 02, 2020

Van Gogh homework while in lockdown

Nobody can emulate Vincent's brush work, and the movie "Loving Vincent" just confirmed it for me. A brush stroke by Vincent is like a signed cheque that only he can reproduce. Nice film though.

But I started reading the 1946 book entitled VINCENT VAN GOGH (editions de la Connaissance) printed in Belgium and it shows his portrait with a grey felt hat, black and white...

If you Google his portrait in a grey felt hat you'll find it in colour (as I did), and to learn something while in quarantine I decided to try painting it as an exercise, with no signature of course. Repeat: The JPG below is NOT a van Gogh original - it's my COPY that I painted as a learning exercise. Besides I believe his works may be in public domain. We'll see.

Brother Théo wrote to their sister wrote about this painting "it is as if two men were in him, one wonderfully gifted, fine and soft, the other proud, selfish and hard. What a pity that he is his own enemy, because he makes life difficult not only for others, but for himself."  This quote is from the book mentioned above.

Get this - Vincent Willem van Gogh inherited the artist's collection. This is Uncle Vincent Willem van Gogh in 1968, he died at the age of 87.

Still, Vincent the artist is one of the greatest artists who ever lived, and I believe he only made $169 dollars from his sales, ever!

Take heart, fellow artists.
Ron 2020

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