Thursday, November 24, 2011

"Kelsey" oil 11 x 14

Kelsey sat for the portrait painters of Goward House recently. I was a bit rushed on this three-hour painting so I re-painted her left eye when I got it home. I reckoned it was a bit high during my first rendering of her.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Three portrait sketches at Goward House

While were waiting for Fatality (our model) to arrive today we did a sketch of Ken, one of our portrait artists at Goward House today. Conte pencil and watercolour. We still had a couple of minutes:
So we did another quickie of ken. Charcoal on canvas. Then our designated model Faye (Fatality) arrived straight from her class at UVic. This is my two-and-a-half hour oil sketch of her:

She said afterwards that she liked my portrait 'cos it made her look like a witch but I thought this was her THOUGHTFUL mode - anyway, she DID like it after all, and y'know the rule - if you sit you get to choose which portrait to take home - no charge.

Our portrait session started at 1pm and ended with a Show 'n Tell at 4pm. I'm glad for the chance to have done three sketches in this time.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Elk Lake Reeds" oil on stretched canvas 16 x 20

First a small thumbnail sketch done in pencil on scrap paper (why waste) to work out the composition.

Something bothered me though. After breaking it down to the essential shapes I realised that I had to lose the boathouse because the composition was getting too busy and I was in danger of getting two subjects in one, if you know what I mean.
So I left out the rowing club and painted Elk Lake with the reed shapes alone.
 Much better.

Click on the image to see an enlargement. Your opinion is welcome, is keeping it simple better? Click on the small white envelope below to email me direct. Or click on COMMENTS so that the others can see your thoughts too...the more diverse the opinions, the better.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Nefertiti" 8 x 10 oil on plywood

What exquisite beauty. Hats off to the person who cast this ORIGINAL 3-D image, what good practice it is for a portrait painter!
I painted this on re-claimed wooden plywood.The cracks and fissures show, adding credibility to the rendering.
Click image to enlarge it.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pencil practice - sketches of the art group

I feel that the occasional doodle on paper is priceless - it not only sharpens your skills but your pencil aswell! Sketches bordering on caricature that I made at a weekly gathering of portrait painters at Goward House.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

"Jim" 11 x 14 oil

If it's Tuesday it must be Goward House. Our sitter today is Jim, ex-army, jovial, and at ease. You know the rule, if you sit for the dozen or so portrait artists for three hours at Goward House you get to take home the portrait of your choice free of charge. I was pleased when he chose mine, I lost a canvas but I gained much experience from the session. I was the winner here.

My thanks to Captain Bill McKechnie for the photograph.