Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Three portrait sketches at Goward House

While were waiting for Fatality (our model) to arrive today we did a sketch of Ken, one of our portrait artists at Goward House today. Conte pencil and watercolour. We still had a couple of minutes:
So we did another quickie of ken. Charcoal on canvas. Then our designated model Faye (Fatality) arrived straight from her class at UVic. This is my two-and-a-half hour oil sketch of her:

She said afterwards that she liked my portrait 'cos it made her look like a witch but I thought this was her THOUGHTFUL mode - anyway, she DID like it after all, and y'know the rule - if you sit you get to choose which portrait to take home - no charge.

Our portrait session started at 1pm and ended with a Show 'n Tell at 4pm. I'm glad for the chance to have done three sketches in this time.

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