Saturday, May 25, 2013

"Finnerty Gardens Path" oil 8x10

Painting out is great - I hear the sounds and smell the flowers. It keeps me within Nature, and apart from two walkers and a dog owner I was pretty much left alone to my own intuition. Out the corner of my eye I spied two bounding rabbits and a male deer munching grass.
Plein Air painting makes me paint direct from a scene without the help of a photograph. I chose to use a biggish brush (half inch) and thick juicy oil paint. I wasn't aiming for realism - in fact this way of painting intuitively is more real than real because it carries along what I feel when painting out.
The Finnerty garden is on the boundary of the University of Victoria and thank goodness they preserved the wilderness. I take it as a personal compliment.
Click the image for a bigger view. Call or email me if you want this one.

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