Saturday, November 01, 2014

Sweet Retreat -- nostalgia

Forgive for this indulgence but this morning Colleen and I were wandering around Friday Harbor (very early morning) looking for a bite to eat. Then we came across Sweet Retreat -- I remembered creating a graphic for them a decade ago. Son Dave has bought the place established by his Mum 14 years ago and I was flattered to see that the family still uses my drawing emblazoned upon a variety of stuff, t-shirts, drinking glasses, advertisements and more.
I found it very touching. Not only that, Dave's breakfast burrito was yummy!

Press the images in turn to see a bigger picture


Maryanne said...

Wow! Wonderful Ronnie. ps I love your new email address. Ware Suid Afrikaner ne?

Ron Wilson said...

Skote Petoors!