Thursday, February 05, 2015

A method used by Edward Seago

"The Road to Costco" oil by Ron Wilson.
My artist buddy Mike Leavy lent me the new Seago book by James Russell. Edward Seago liked to paint "on the spot" as he called it. Not only that, he could paint from memory too. Sometimes he made very brief sketches.

I followed this Seago method - while Colleen was driving I memorized a bend in the road to Costco and made a brief sketch at home:

Then without the scene in front of me and no photo reference I painted this oil (much like Seago would have done in the 6o's and 7o's). Fun. It gives the artist a lot of freedom to create and express - and we got some shopping in at the two-hundred dollar store too!

Press the images for bigger views.

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