Friday, March 06, 2015

"Albert Head Lagoon" oil 11x14

"Albert Head Lagoon" oil

This is my very quick Conté sketch - so quick that I couldn't wait to start painting. The sketch is my secret weapon, it helps me determine my compo.

Fellow artist Frank Mitchell teased me at the Show 'n Tell, "it looks like the Hobbit's house," he said. That's because I simplified the building - one wall, one window, whereas it was a lot complicated than that. To me it's impact - a house on the edge of the lagoon.

I could have added the swans and the ducks but I let the home be the star this time. The scene is in Metchosin some 20km from my Victoria condo on Vancouver Island. The willows are just starting to leaf.....

Click it for a bigger view. Comments encouraged

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