Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Barn & Crops" oil 9x12

Yes it's a bit tight for a Wilson. I had to use a knife and a ga-zillion brushes to get this effect, and I don't mind telling you that it took me MONTHS of painting - not your flash-Harry stuff! But I'm quite pleased with it - it reflects the peri-urban life just outside of the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island. Click the image for a bigger view. Comments and offers to me at


Marcela Strasdas said...

Very nice Ron! Did you enjoy the process?

Ron Wilson said...

No, I struggled for nearly a year with this one 'cos I didn't know how to finish it without exaggerating anything. I was worried about the colours and the actual application of the knife versus brush. I didn't want it to look gimmicky, but in the end I tackled it yesterday morning and it all came together. NOW I'm pleased with it, Marcela. Thanks for your encouragement.