Friday, December 24, 2010

"Table Mountain" oil 24 x 30

South Africa’s greatest icon. I can't explain the painting but I can talk about what it means to me:

The rocks of the foreground are the immediate issues facing the country but the tide, like life's ups and downs, ebbs and flows. Troubles come and go. The middle distance sea is calming, and the Cape Doctor spreads a mysterious futuristic cloth over the mountain. All highly symbolic for a dreamer like me, saying great things are possible now and in the future.

This is the view from Blaauwberg, similar to what Mr. Nelson must have seen on Robben Island. The mountain speaks not of politics, not of the Koi inhabitants, not of Van Riebeeck nor of Parliament – it speaks of all these and yet not of any one of them in particular. Like wisps of Time, we have spread our various cultures before it.

I first painted Table Mountain nearly fifty years ago, and several weeks ago Yvonne Katzin sent me her photo, making it possible for me to paint an up-to-date version in oil as regards the foreshore as it is now, and the ship approaching harbour. We are still arriving.

My Table Mountain is on stretched canvas, 24 x 30 inches, unframed. Basic price 1440 Canadian dollars, shipping is extra. I'd be grateful if you would forward the link below to anyone who may be interested in buying the painting. Home from home.

See Table Mountain at (You may have to cut and paste the link).

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Salmon Creek" oil 11 x 14 on RayMar

Small streams such as these can bring about the miracle of existence, not only for the salmon but for all.
This is on the Columbia Gorge in Oregon but it could be anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. The painting is as a result of my week-long painting trip down to Portland, back up the coast to Port Angeles and home to Victoria BC.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Freighters off Port Angeles" 11 x 14

Looking across the strait we can see the smoke of Port Angeles USA in the distance, over an hour away by ferry. The Strait of Juan de Fuca divides the US from Canada at this corner of the Pacific Northwest.

I liked this scene because of the mood, the mountains, and the way that the windlines in the sea emulate the clouds above the Olympics. Here's my prelim charcoal sketch:
If I do a preparatory sketch like this beforehand it helps me to decide whether the scene might make a reasonable painting or not. So it's worth it I think ...

Friday, December 10, 2010

"Centre for Plant Health" 8 x 10

Quaint but true, it's where the Department of Agriculture takes care of plants here on Vancouver Island.  I parked the car on a hill corner of East Saanich Road and Lowe Road. (That's the town of Sidney in the far distance).
First I did a quickie with medium- and dark felt pens, grouping the darks together.

This helps me to work things out before committing to canvas. It also saves time, I managed to paint the actual oil in little over an hour. 
The nice thing about ART is that we may simplify - for instance, look at the photo below and see how an artist can exclude the wire fence -- if you compare my photo against my oil painting you'll see that I have taken a little artistic license!

The Centre for plant health, Saanichton, Vancouver island, Canada.
Thanks, Ron

Friday, December 03, 2010

"The Lookout" oils 11 x 14 en plein air

Yowser! I forgot to pack brushes this morning, so when I got to Beacon Hill Park - I opened my pochade box to find nothing but tubes! Nudda. I decide to "paint" anyway - so I improvised with a cleaning rag and my palette knife!  When I got it home I softened some of the hard edges with a finger and a broad brush. Cheating.

Once again the clouds were wonderful here on the Pacific Coast of Canada complete with sunny breaks over the Olympic mountains of Washington State in the distance. After 45 minutes of "painting" the rain came down but I was done by then.

I learnt two things: Bring brushes; you can cope with anything (and nothing) in art!