Friday, December 10, 2010

"Centre for Plant Health" 8 x 10

Quaint but true, it's where the Department of Agriculture takes care of plants here on Vancouver Island.  I parked the car on a hill corner of East Saanich Road and Lowe Road. (That's the town of Sidney in the far distance).
First I did a quickie with medium- and dark felt pens, grouping the darks together.

This helps me to work things out before committing to canvas. It also saves time, I managed to paint the actual oil in little over an hour. 
The nice thing about ART is that we may simplify - for instance, look at the photo below and see how an artist can exclude the wire fence -- if you compare my photo against my oil painting you'll see that I have taken a little artistic license!

The Centre for plant health, Saanichton, Vancouver island, Canada.
Thanks, Ron

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