Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Dinghy Launch" oil 12 x 16

At the Oak Bay marina it's fine and clear now but a windy week left a lace of leaves at the water's edge and kelp patterns still appear on the beach.
Messing about in small boats is the thing to do when you live at the coast. Will a leisurely trip around the bay give you the same lift in life as a motorcycle ride? Boating or riding? Press "no comments" to be the first to drop me a note.
Oh, and click on the painting to see a bigger image...


Caron said...

Love this! Especially the boat's shadow.

Ron Wilson said...

Thanks Caroni. I am never sure about shadows - the books say 'warm light - cool shadow' and 'cool light - warm shadow.' It's a bit confusing for this old painter...but your comment is encouraging.