Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Stan and Helen's, Gonzales Bay" oil sketch 11 x 14

Located on the beach at Gonzales Bay.
This is my loose sketch done on the beach in about an hour this morning. It was a mixed tide for a couple hours, so my navy friends tell me.
I scrapped this work after trying to establish contact with the owners of the house. Sulky Ron.
Click the image for a bigger view. Feedback is essential for this emerging artist...


Ferrol said...

This picture is stunning! I have always loved this landmark building on the beach...You have certainly captured the beauty of it and the surrounding area. Wonderful piece!

Ron Wilson said...

Thank you, Ferrol. I was standing on wet beach sand painting it but it was worth it 'cos I got to see the reflections of the main house echoed in the, fun, fun.